Liza J. Lee – UX Writer, Vancouver, Canada

I specialize in content strategy, copywriting, and UX writing. I have 15+ years of experience, working mostly in SaaS, technology, and utilities. I believe an effective content strategy is more than great ideas and nice-looking designs. It focuses on important factors such as successful customer journeys, data clarity, and measurable results. When not working with words, I’m creating NFTs on MP4s in web 3 technology.

I collaborated on The Art Party NFT art and music project after winning the Avanade Shark Thank Award 2022. I’m also a Google Local Guide. One of my photos helped Osita restaurant on Commercial Drive receive over 100,000 views on Google Maps. Other photos of local restaurants, bars, pubs, and art galleries had 19 million views since 2018.


Tech Copywriting & UX Writing for 12 Months

“Liza is a gifted strategic thinker, able to absorb massive amounts of complex information and then translate it into language that anyone can understand. She made a real difference as our team grappled with large, thorny projects, and her eagerness to uncover and solve process issues helped us improve as a team over time.”

Rob Lightner, Copywriter Manager, Accenture Song

“I worked with Liza on a couple of projects and she’s a great professional. She’s a dedicated team player with the ability to absorb information and work on multiple projects simultaneously without losing focus. Her work process is very clean, and transparent. Liza will always be a great contribution to any team and I am sure she will achieve all the goals she sets for herself.”

Claudia Olguin, Project Manager / Account Executive, Accenture

IMPACT Festival Marketing Consulting

“Liza is a brilliant marketer who gets things done! She leverages her extensive network and wide ranging experience to make a tremendous impact. Working with Liza for Digital Impact Festival was an honour and I’m grateful for the value she continually creates for us.”

Jimi (James) Cohen, Co-founder, IMPACT Festival

Coinfest (Crypto Conference) Marketing Consulting

“Liza Lee is a tenacious marketer who is good at sticking to an organized process. She also likes to contribute to good causes, such as our nonprofit CoinFest conference, which she helped organize one year and promote on others.”

Andrew Wagner, Founder, Coinfest

The Art Party NFT Roadmap Consulting

“Meet Liza, a content designer from AvanadeXD Studios, who won the Avanade Shark Tank Award and for her work on the NFT roadmap project. She has supported local artists through The Art Party NFT roadmap project and had unique collaborations with Avanade interns in multiple assignments.

Liza has been able to make a difference in the lives of many people by using her skills as a content designer. She can create beautiful art with her talents as a content designer, which has helped her connect with her community members in a new way. Her work has been seen by many folks worldwide, allowing them to get involved in their communities by supporting local artists through their artwork. especially in the future state of digital currencies and NFTs.”

Tridz Bannerjee, Design Strategy, UX Design & Workshop Facilitation (LUMA Certification)

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